Eyebrow Pictorial

tina yong eyebrowProducts used:

– Shu Uemura Hard Formula Seal Brown

– L’oreal Million Waterproof Mascara in Brown (yes I use mascara on my eyebrows to lighten them up so that it matches my hair colour)

– MAC Studio Fix NC25 concealer


1. Follow the shape of your eyebrow and fill it in with an eyebrow pencil

2. Once filled in, brush brown mascara over the hairs and neaten them up

3. Apply concealer under your eyebrows to highlight your brow bone


Single to Double Eyelid

When it comes to Asian makeup, the eyes are the most important feature on the face, and it’s the one you should be spending the most time on. I know a lot of people out there don’t have perfect eyelids but don’t worry! A little bit of eyelid tape will do the trick! Now there’s a fair few products out there on the market that can help you even out those eyelids. Some of them include double eyelid glue, eyelid tape, eyelid fiber and double sided eyelid tape. Different ones work better on different eyelid types but they generally give the same results.

On my clients I prefer using double eyelid tape which I cut to size according to their eye shape. Once applied correctly, it lasts all day and looks very natural, even when they close their eyes. This technique is perfect for brides and people who want to make their eyes look bigger without all the heavy eye makeup. See below for photos

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Double eyelid makeup

Double eyelid makeup

Double eyelid makeup

Amanda & Brian’s Wedding


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Tina Yong Makeup Hair

Bridal Makeup & Hair by Tina Yong



Congratulations to one of my beautiful brides, Amanda on her wedding day!

She looked absolutely stunning in the traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai and even more beautiful in her wedding dress.

Hair & Makeup by Tina Yong

Photgraphed by The Follans


Photo shoot with Blow and Trees ft Christine

Photographed by Blow & Trees

Hair & Makeup by Tina Yong

Model: Christine Joy

Tina Yong Tina Yong

 Tina Yong

Makeup and Hair by Tina Yong Makeup and Hair by Tina Yong

Bridal Hair & Makeup

Wedding season is almost here so make sure you book in early for Hair & Makeup with Tina Yong!

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Makeup and Hair by Tina Yong

Makeup and Hair by Tina Yong

Makeup and Hair by Tina Yong

Makeup and Hair by Tina Yong

Makeup and Hair by Tina Yong

Makeup and Hair by Tina Yong

Asian Bridal Makeup